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WebWab is an online retail website. We have been operational since 2003.

Originally, WebWab listed thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers on its website, just like a typical online retail store. Over the years, we have come to realize that most of these products are not interesting to our customer base, and started focusing more on providing a more meaningful selection of products to a wide customer base.

And so that is what we do now. WebWab offers only a small selection of high quality products at a negotiated low price every month.

What we do is prepare a list of 20 products every month. We make sure that these are very good products that have been tested and have a high rating. We try to pick products that people need.

We promote these products to our existing customer base who have opted to receive these promotions. 83% of our customers are repeat customers. Our customers also share the products they like with their networks, and we also get new customers through advertisement of course.

We find that this business model is more fulfilling for us and for our customers. We find for them the products that they want, and we try to get these products at a good price by negotiating with the manufacturer. Also, we offer our customers an added protection through our purchase guarantee.

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